Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Riz Fantasy Castle 2

The Fantasy castle 2 is beautifully crafted with high details and pinpoint mapping thoughout. To enter the castle open the drawbridge and walk along the bridge to the gatehouse and into the small courtyard. From here you can go left or right into the towers, up onto the castle walls, enter the lower levels or open the huge throne room doors. Inside the throne room your greeted with high detail pillers and wide arches. at the back of the throne room you can take the staircase that leads to the palace above. The palace contains the main banquet hall with guest rooms above and the royal rooms on the top level. Above the royal rooms are the roof towers, these towers can only be accessed via the royal rooms making them perfect to lock away your princesses :)

Perfect for Rp sims, role play, weddings, special events and as a dwelling.

Price: $ 14999L
Permissions: Modify /Copy / No Transfer
Prims: 1553
Size: 104 x 76 Sqm - Fits into a 1/4 sim or bigger parcel


* AeonVox lockable Doors
* Lockable Drawbridge and Portcullis With sounds
* Animated Drawbridge Weights - move up and down when drawbridge is raised and lowered
* Every Tower can be climbed - with sculpted staircases
* High Detailed Throne Room
* Main Banquet Hall
* Royal Bedroom with access to roof towers and balconies
* Guest Bedrooms
* Guard Towers
* High Detail good LOD transition Sculpts
* Amazing attention to detail thoughout

Jack In The Box -rezzing system. Drag the Unpacker from your inventory onto the floor, Touch it and select "Rez" from the menu. Wait while the entire structure rezzes in a pile and then snaps into position.

By Rizla Laval

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