Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Riz Ravenshelm Grey Castle

Riz Designs is delighted to unveil the Ravenshelm Castle. Walk across the drawbridge and through the main gate into the cental court yard where you will find stables, blacksmiths, storage areas and cottages. from here you can go in many directions, take the main gates side doors into the walls around the castle or follow up the rocky road that will take you to the main keep, as well as other darker places. The main castle sits on top of a rocky hill looking down on the walled court yard area. Travel through the main keep doors and into the main hall. Here you will find towers that take you up to walkways that circle the keep and up to the roof. under the main keep is a extensive cavern network that connects the main keep with many other areas of the castle and also rumours of a secret way out.

Perfect for RP sims, role play and special events.

Updated Courtyard & caverns

Price: $ 19999L
Permissions: Modify /Copy / No Transfer
Prims: 1770
Size: 105 x 95 Sqm - Fits into a 1/4 sim or bigger footprint


* AeonVox lockable Doors - updated
* NDE window tint systems
* Touch On/Off chandelier with light and effects
* Touch On/Off blacksmiths forge with sound, light and effects
* Lockable drawbridge and portcullis - sounds now synced to door movement
* Custom sounds
* Custom textures
* Secret areas
* Secret doors and passageways
* Sculpy made caverns
* Sculpty waterfall and pool with splashable water
* Touch on/off Chimneys with wind blown smoke
Plus many more

Jack In The Box -rezzing system. Drag the Unpacker from your inventory onto the floor, Touch it and select "Rez" from the menu. Wait while the entire structure rezzes in a pile and then snaps into position.

By Rizla Laval

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