Monday, 19 July 2010

New: Mansion House

Riz Designs is delighted to unveil the Mansion House.

This period georgian mansion comes in 2 versions, unfurnished for those that like to decorate themselves, or the fully loaded furnished version with high detail library, dinning room, 6 bedrooms, fully loaded kitchen and bathroom and a stunning 3 floor main hall way with access to many balconies.

Perfect home for large family's and clan's, role play and special events.

Price: $ 13999L
Permissions: Modify /Copy / No Transfer
Prims: 1140 - Unfurnished
Prims: 1718 - Furnished
Size: 50x55 Sqm - Fits into a 4096 or bigger footprint but take prims into account. Recommend a homestead or 1/4 sim if using the furnished version.

Features: Furnished and Unfurnished

* AeonVox lockable Doors - Fully loaded door system.
* NDE window tint systems - 3 way tint, Open, Shade, Close.
* All Rooms decorated differently

Features: Furnished

* Touch On/Off chandeliers with light and effects.
* Touch On/Off fireplaces with sound realistic particle flames and flickering light effects.
* Fully loaded kitchen with working hobs, sink and washing animation.
* Fully loaded high detail Library with fireplace, Tables, multi animated armchairs and sofa's
* Furnished Living area with dinning table and multi animated chairs.
* 6 Unfurnished bedrooms, all decorated differently with working fireplaces installed.
* Fully loaded bathroom with animated shower, animated bathtub with running taps and water level, animated toilet.

Jack In The Box -rezzing system. Drag the Unpacker from your inventory onto the floor, Touch it and select "Rez" from the menu. Wait while the entire structure rezzes in a pile and then snaps into position.

By Rizla Laval