Thursday, 19 August 2010

Sandrock Caves

Riz Designs is delighted to release the Sandrock Caves.

Based around the caves under the ravenshelm castle this huge 1/4 sim cave is a great landscaping item to add to your land and at only 570 prims leaves plenty to landscape or add to.

At the front of this cavern network is a grassy meadow with waterfall , 2 cave entrances and rocky path that leads to the top of the mountain. The mountain top is flat allowing you to place a structure or to landscape it however you want. As you approach the caves you will notice that you can't see into the entrances. As you walk deeper inside it gets darker until you get fully inside where your eyes ajust to the darkness. The same effect applys when you exit the caves being blinded by the light from outside.

At the heart of the caves is the main cavern with waterfall, Pool, climbing rope to the top levels, and many tunnels and paths to other areas, Plus a few secret rock doors out. The main waterfall outside has a control that can turn the sounds and spray off which is located next to the bathing pool and can be taking to inventary for safe keeping.

Price: L$ 7500
Prims: 570
Size: 105x95 Sqm - Fits a 1/4 sim parcal
Permissions: Copy/Mod - scripts copy only


* Realistic main waterfall with menu control for sounds and spray effects.
* Cave entrance and exit darkening and blinding effects.
* Secret rock doors.
* Climbable rope.
* splashable water pool in main cavern.
* Flat mountain top which allows for easy landscapping or adding a structure on.

By Rizla Laval

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